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VIDEO: Joyce Blessing fights back as DNA test results of children leak




Ghanaian gospel singer, Joyce blessing

Joyce Blessing reacts to DNA test brouhaha

Joyce Blessing tackles critics

Paternity status of Joyce Blessing’s children revealed

Popular gospel musician Joyce Blessing has asked critics to brand themselves properly when discussing her issues.

This was after several blogs alleged that her ex-husband discovered that two of their children do not belong to him.

A few minutes after the rumours went rife, Joyce Blessing in a live video said;

“I’m not a small brand so whenever you’re talking about me, make sure you dress properly, put on a nice wig and apply nice make-up. I’m speaking to these small blogs who lack following and likes on social media. The more you talk about me, the more I am unbreakable. All these rumours won’t break me. This message is also for people who are interested in constantly talking about me.”

Although Joyce Blessing mentioned that her statement was directed to blogs spreading falsehood about her brand, some have claimed it was rather a dig at popular female blogger Fabregas who had earlier hinted that a female gospel musician had been exposed.

“There’s a gospel musician in Ghana whose ex-husband recently found out through a DNA test that two out of their three kids do not belong to him. There are some seventeen people who are aware of this development and I am part of them,” Fabregas earlier stated without mentioning any names.

Meanwhile, Peace FM presenter Kwasi Aboagye stating his own version of the story said one out of Joyce Blessing’s three children does not belong to her husband and not two as certain websites have published.

“Indeed a DNA test was conducted and it proved that it’s just one child that doesn’t belong to Joyce Blessing’s ex-husband out of the three children. You haven’t seen any DNA test yet you keep gossiping and spewing lies. Some of you are reporting that Joyce Blessing’s ex-husband has discovered that two of their children are not his.

“You’re lying. That’s not true. Stop the lies, it’s not a good thing. If you want to know the truth about the issue, you need to ask the people involved. You need to embark on a thorough research. I know what I’m saying. These are sensitive matters so if you want to talk about it, you need to be sure,” he stated during the Peace FM Entertainment Review show.

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