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VIDEO: Hajia Bintu, King Promise, Bola Ray, and Glamorous Slay Queens set the all White party ablaze



The weekend’s festivities in Kumasi went beyond just a regular party, as it became an extravagant gathering of renowned celebrities and glamorous individuals. The prestigious Ridge Condo company organized an enchanting all-white party, attracting a dazzling array of stars from various fields.

The event boasted an impressive guest list, featuring popular figures such as the talented musician King Promise, the influential Bola Ray, the captivating Hajia Bintu, the versatile D-Black, the hilarious Kalybos, and many other notable personalities. To add an extra touch of glamour, a group of stunning slay queens were also invited to enhance the party’s ambiance.

The buzz surrounding the event spread like wildfire across social media platforms, dominating conversations and captivating the attention of countless individuals throughout the entire weekend. It was the talk of the town, leaving everyone buzzing with excitement and longing for more.

In conclusion, the all-white party organized by the Ridge Condo company in Kumasi became a remarkable and unforgettable affair. The gathering of esteemed celebrities and the presence of charismatic slay queens created an atmosphere filled with elegance and allure. The event’s widespread coverage on social media platforms ensured that it remained a hot topic of discussion, solidifying its place as a memorable occasion for all those fortunate enough to attend.


Source: Web Brief


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