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Video emerges as bees attack wedding guests in Anambra



The guests had gathered to celebrate with the newlyweds when a swarm of bees suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started to attack them, causing chaos.

In a video from the wedding that is making the rounds online, attendees can be seen screaming in panic and running in different directions as the bees attacked them in large numbers.

Viral reports alleged that the bees disrupted the wedding because it was fixed on a special market day in Okija, which they were warned against.

In other news, a Nigerian man, identified as Isidore Ene Bassey, has opined that virginity doesn’t automatically mean someone has excellent character.

Bassey stated this while reacting to a post about virginity and character being largely connected.

Bassey, who apparently doesn’t agree with the assertion, opined that virginity is not the same as character.

According to him, virginity alone is not enough to sustain a healthy and happy marriage.

He went on to narrate the story of his brother, who got married as a virgin, but the marriage lasted only six months.

“To whom it may concern, virginity is not the same as character, I have a brother that was a virgin, finished university, worked for years, went to UK, came back, still a virgin, married with both traditional and church rituals, yet marriage could not last 6 months. Parental guidance and instilled discipline is not the same as in-built character,” he wrote.


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