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VIDEO: Check out the pillar that separates Ghana from Ivory Coast



Every country has a border; a point where the country ends and leads into another.

While some of these are very defined, there are others that are not quite clearly evident.

Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire recently had to seek legal redress on the maritime boundary between the two, from where Ghana won the case, the two countries have actually had a good relationship over the years.

And while there also exist some porous borders between these two countries, some of the most interesting aspects of these demarcations are that some of them are merely a walk away from each other.

An image of one of these borders has emerged online, with several people sharing it.

This was after someone reportedly took a photo from the place; one that has been shared multiple times since then.

In the photo, two gentlemen – one on either side of a small concrete pillar that is only a few meters off the ground, extend their hands in a handshake.

The photo, as has been shared several times, is said to be the indication of the demarcation (border) between the two countries.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time a simple case of a walk over or few meters have indicated a border between Ghana and some of its neighbouring countries.

See the image below:

See a video of the place below:

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