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VIDEO: Black Sherif hints Illuminati membership after projecting a Baphomet symbol onstage



Fans have been thrown into a state of confusion following Black Sherif’s projection of a ‘Baphomet’ symbol on stage during his recent performance.

Whiles delivering on stage, infront of hundreds of teaming audiences at the Palladium Theatre in New York City, Black Sherif was busily singing and engaging his fans while the Baphomet was being projected in flammable colours in the background.

The symbol was projected for about a while and this was spotted in excerpts of the video making rounds on social media.

This has since sparked discussions online as the conversation has now shifted from holding a ‘successful show’ to projecting an Illuminati symbol on stage.

While some netizens have expressed disappointment, others have stated that perhaps, he wasn’t privy to the development.

What is a Baphomet?

Baphomet is a deity allegedly worshipped by a popular secret society called the ‘Knights Templar’ that subsequently became incorporated into various occult and Western esoteric traditions.

The name Baphomet appeared in trial transcripts for the Inquisition of the Knights Templar starting in 1307.

The Baphomet and its association with satanism

While satanism may eschew holy sites and other tenets that are sacred to most religions, it places a high value on symbolism and art.

The Satanic Temple has used symbols of Satan and art to draw attention in recent times.

For years, it petitioned to have a massive Baphomet statue, a goat-headed symbol of Satan, as its lead symbol.


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