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‘Use your sense’ – MOGBeatz, Keche, others fume over comparisons



A number of Ghanaian celebrities have descended on popular Twitter influencer Firestick for comments made about their performance in light of the recent success of the O2 Arena concert by Nigerian singer Asake.

The concert has reignited the age-old discussion on the level of success between Nigerian artistes and Ghanaian artistes. Many on social media have blasted Ghanaian acts and industry players for “crawling” while their Nigerian counterparts are soaring.

This has led to backlash from industry players who have accused the public of lack of support and of placing too much pressure on them.

Recently, Twitter influencer Firestick was cited accusing players in the Ghanaian music industry of being “lazy”.

Rapper Strongman in a Twitter spaces discussion, lashed out at the influencer, accusing him and other influencers of only critisizing artistes without understanding the struggles they go through.

Andrew Kofi Cudjoe, one half of the music duo, “Keche” in a video posted on Twitter also aired his thoughts on the matter. He took offense at Firestick and accused him of disrespecting celebrities on matters he knows nothing about.

“Look at how he was insulting Strongman. Who is Firestick? He is a fool! Somebody like Firestick, who is a nobody, thinks he can come online and insult anybody because he has some people supporting him. He is a fool,” Keche fumed.

Music producer and composer MOGBeatz also waded into the conflict, warning the social media personality to keep his mouth shut over such issues.

“You are not the one to tell me how to do my work, you are engaging in fraud. Wale will not mind you, but I will lash back, and call you out. You are telling me to focus on production, why don’t you focus on selling your sneakers? You are telling artistes how to manage their careers, are you yourself a manager? You are talking about how Ghanaian producers and artistes are not producing quality music, are you a producer? Are you an artiste?

“You are 40 years old, you should use your senses. You are in the UK allowing them to have anal sex with you for papers, you went to marry a cougar. Between you and I who is more desperate?” he fired.

MOGBeatz later in a post on Twitter, cautioned the social media personality to not attack him again or face repercussions.

“Street we dey, u no fit bully people constantly with no repercussion! firestick, u dey verbally abuse me no be today….. Next time, talk about me with no insults and I won’t retaliate,” he posted.

The recent spat is just one of the few over the recent week with many Ghanaian celebrities no longer keeping quiet when compared to their Nigerian counterparts and also lashing back.



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