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US Embassy reacts to ‘USA Visa in 24 hours’ poster



The Embassy of the United State of America in Ghana has reacted to a viral poster advertising American Visa services within 24 hours.

Responding to a tweet on the poster which reads ‘USA Visa in 24 hours’, the embassy said that Ghanaians who patronize the services of the ’24 hours’ Visa operators do so at their peril.

It urged people not to patronise the ‘USA Visa in 24 hours’ to avoid “Wo ko ho ko y3 d3n” (WKHKYD) experiences.

WHHKYD is a Twi dialect social media trend that translates to “What did you go there for?”

The embassy also urged Ghanaians to contact their offices for their visa.

“To avoid #WKHKYD experiences, always use the only authentic source for U.S. visa:,” parts of the tweet which the embassy shared on Sunday, February 12, 2023 read.

View the tweet by the US embassy below:

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