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Unilever introduces new package for Pepsodent Cavity Fighter Toothpaste



 Unilever Ghana has today unveiled a new look for its Pepsodent Cavity Fighter toothpaste. The new look reflects the brand promise of unleashing the power of healthy smiles and assurance of Pepsodent to give 10x stronger teeth.

The formulation of the Pepsodent Cavity Fighter remains the same, but now comes in an exciting new look which embodies Pepsodent’s belief that every smile matters.

Commenting on the new pack, Joel Boateng, Oral Care Category Manager, Unilever Ghana, said, “Pepsodent’s mission is always to use its products, expert advice and innovations to improve the oral health of Ghanaians. Therefore, while we have unveiled a new pack for Pepsodent, we have not tempered with the product formulation of Ghana’s favourite oral product, Pepsodent. The formulation is the same, as it gives 10x stronger teeth that our customers need for optimal oral health”.

Mr Boateng encouraged Ghanaians to look out for the bold 10x Stronger Teeth signage on the new packs, as it is one of the distinct features. The product has been made available on the market and can be purchased at any retail outlet, supermarkets and open markets nationwide.

Earlier this year, Pepsodent launched the ‘Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late #TalkToADentist’ campaign to mark this year’s World Oral Health Day. The purpose of the campaign was to echo the need for Ghanaians to take action and seek early professional advice from dentists when dental issues are easier to solve.

Driven by the belief that everyone has a right to good oral health, Pepsodent provided free dental check-ups via dental camps across the country and recently also introduced DigiDentist – a teledentistry service which offers free dentist consultations. The service can be used to speak to a dentist who can aid in identifying the causes of an oral care problem and provide professional advice to address the problem at home, where possible.

Pepsodent is endorsed by the Ghana Dental Association as a quality toothpaste containing fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay and protects the entire family’s smiles.

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