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UK passport application fees set to rise again in April



The cost of renewing a UK passport went up in February 2023 for the first time in five years. Just over one year later, the fee will see a second hike of £6 (€7).

As of 11 April 2024, the fee for a standard online passport application made from within the UK will rise from £82.50 (€93) to £88.50 (€103) for adults and from £53.50 (€60) to £57.50 (€67) for children.

This is up from £75.50 (€85) and £49 (€55) respectively prior to February 2023. Postal applications have increased from £93 (€105) to £100 (€117) for adults and £64 (€72) to £69 (€80) for children. The increased fees apply to both new passport applications and renewals.

In better news, waiting times are no longer at an all-time high. British holidaymakers are advised to allow three weeks for passport renewal, compared with 10 weeks a year ago.

The government said the new fees would help reduce the reliance on taxpayer money to fund and improve the service. As well as contributing to the cost of processing applications, the fees are supposed to support consular services overseas, like replacing lost or stolen passports, and the processing of British citizens at UK borders.




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