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Two notorious poachers arrested in Mole National Park



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At around 6:30 pm on Friday 23rd December 2022, two Poachers Abdulai Osman from Larabanga and Fuseini Sumani from Damongo Atributo all in the West Gonja Municipality of the Savannah Region were arrested in the Palma beat of the Mole National Park.

The Poachers had killed an antelope and a waterbuck. The rangers at the Mole National Park who were on the field and has been tracking the two Poachers for some time managed to apprehend them.

The Park Manager of the Mole National Park Ali Mahama confirmed the arrest to Bole-based Nkilgi Fm and stated that; “the Poachers killed an antelope and a waterbuck”.

Mahama added; “We are wide awake and will make the Park a no-go area for all Poachers. Our duty is to protect the animals and we will do everything to protect them from Poachers”.

The two Poachers will be arranged before a court.

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