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Two ladies who went mad few minutes after they got out of a luxurious car



Two of the three women went crazy on a busy street just a few minutes after a “Yahoo boy” let them out of his expensive car.

The event, which took place on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria, attracted a large crowd of curious people who watched in amazement as the two women slowly went crazy and the other couldn’t stop crying for her friends. It was lucky and weird that when they all got out of the car, her friends started going crazy, but she didn’t.

She was fine and happy with herself. This also surprised the crowd, who couldn’t stop talking about what they were seeing.

A video of the scene that is going viral shows a woman sitting on the side of the road with her wig next to her. She looks like a child who has just seen a celebrity. She sat on the sidewalk with her legs crossed over each other and her arms folded. She wore a black outfit, and her “cornroll” hair was almost gone, so she only hid it with a wig.

In the video, the other woman was also seen walking around barefoot in a straight brown dress. She was dancing around with her slippers in her hands.

The third woman, whom the charm didn’t work at all, just kept screaming in shock.

People who were watching thought that the women were angry because the so-called “Yahoo boy” had used them in his money-making ritual.

The worst and most interesting part of the story is that the two people who could have given important clues about how to find the guy went crazy.

The third person didn’t know where he was because she had just met him for the first time at the hotel where they were all going.

People kept asking questions, and only the one who wasn’t affected by the charm used on her friends could answer. She didn’t know much about the guy because she had just met him that day.

Source: iNews
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