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Twitter war: KalyJay ‘stings’ Kwadwo Sheldon



The two have for some time now had a frosty relationship which KalyJay traces to a comment Kwadwo Sheldon made about a friend’s deceased mother.

In his interview on The Delay Show aired on February 12, 2023, KalyJay said he confronted Kwadwo Sheldon about the said comment but the latter replied with a jab as he made reference to the number of followers each had.

“I got angry, we went back and forth on Twitter because I didn’t like the fact that he will use someone’s deceased mum to chase clout,” said KalyJay. “He said something that really got to me. He was like ‘I don’t beef small accounts’”.

According to KalyJay, he was relatively new on the social media platform and the fact that his followers were not many got him bruised.

He said: “At the time, I didn’t have many followers on Twitter. He had a lot of followers and I was just coming up on Twitter. He was like ‘it’s a number’s game’”.

KalyJay has since worked towards having his followers increase considerably. With over a million followers as against Kwadwo Sheldon’s eight hundred thousand as of February 12, 2023, the FixTheCountry originator says he believes there is no need for him to engage Kwadwo Sheldon in a Twitter war.

He said: “Now, I have more followers on Twitter than him. So, right now, I think I’m okay; I think that beef has been squashed. I don’t beef with small accounts anymore.”




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