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Twene Jonas disgraced after a woman accused him for taking her car without permission



Jonas attempts to acquire online influence by portraying a lifestyle he cannot afford in the United States, but he is frequently exposed.

Despite always professing to be a multimillionaire with multiple Rolls Royces and other luxury vehicles, he recently got into trouble after being spotted making deliveries.

His explanation was even worse, claiming he was on a delivery run so he could determine how much to pay his employees because he was purchasing a restaurant.

Jonas’ most recent animguasie involves the owner of a vehicle he was bragging about online calling him live.

The proprietor reprimanded him for taking the car out for too long, and Jonas responded that he would be back shortly.

Fans criticized him for his most recent scandal, with one writing, “Na no p) s3 is not a big deal.” Have you purchased petroleum for her? The most annoying thing is that he’s probably appreciating the air conditioning,”


Source: Island Reporters


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