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Transfers between bank accounts linked to MoMo wallet should not attract E-Levy – GRA insists



The GRA has made it clear that accounts linked directly to one’s mobile money wallet should not attract any E-Levy charges during transactions.

The clarification comes in response to an X user’s request for clarity on recent deductions being reported on social media.

The user questioned “Are taxes imposed on the transfer of monies from bank accounts to linked momo numbers a directive from your office? @Ghana Revenue.”

In response, the GRA clarified that any charges incurred in such transactions are errors on the part of the charging entities.

The GRA emphasized that these charges are illegal, as the laws surrounding the E-levy have not changed.

“No, please. It is an error on the part of the charging entities. The law has not changed. Transfers between accounts owned by the same person should not attract the E-levy,” the GRA said in its Twitter reply.




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