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Tidal waves raze down homes in Moree, more than 30 persons rendered homeless



Tidal waves attack at Moree in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese (AAK) district has brought more than three buildings to the ground, rendering more than 30 persons homeless.

Days after, residents are living in fear over the possible sweeping away of their homes by the raging sea, and have threatened a demonstration to outpour their grievances on government.

A visit by the GhanaWeb to the area revealed a disturbing scene, where the people practically living with the sea were hit by tidal waves which eroded the ridges and leveled the sand dunes leaving no shoreline, thus, allowing free flow of the sea in and out of homes.

Some residents, who spoke said they lived in constant fear without knowing when and at what time the sea would deal a final blow to them by wiping up the remaining homes.

“We live in constant fear. The sea comes in and takes our belongings and collapses our buildings at well.

We have decided to move and seek refuge somewhere to safeguard our lives and children,” they added.

They lamented that their constant appeal to government for sea defense had proved futile and warned all politicians to never step foot in the community for campaigns or face their anger.

The residents said the construction of the sea defense would salvage the community from the rampaging impacts of tidal waves which constantly threaten lives and properties.

Sea defense will protect the low-lying coast and coastal hinterland against flooding caused by effect of heavy downpours and extreme rise in tides.

Matthew Ekow Boison, Assemblyman for Bentsir Electoral Area said the incident was due to the ongoing sea defense project from Elmina in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem Municipality through the Cape Coast Metropolis which had increased the rate of tidal erosion along the community’s coastal belt.

He lamented that series of reports and appeals had been made to the Assembly and Mr. Asenso Boakye, the Minister of Works and Housing but had yielded no results.

Boison disclosed that hundreds of houses were at risk of imminent collapse if the situation remains unlooked at.

“We may lose many houses if authorities refuse our plea to construct sea defense for us.”


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