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This is why most women dislike condoms

One, sexual encounters are less passionate when condoms are used.

Although condom use is mandated by law for obvious reasons of safety, it can make women feel unsafe because it can inhibit a man’s ability to touch them sensuously.

A lot of ladies have been led to believe that condoms aren’t just a precautionary measure but rather a source of excitement in the bedroom.

Condoms make women’s vaginas drier.

Condoms are rarely used as a replacement for vaginal oil in women, and for good reason; they can dry up the vagina, causing it to rip or break.

Thirdly, condoms have an unpleasant odour.

When used during sexual activity, condoms release a strong odour that turns off many women. The children are quick to point out that the medicinal odour is not tolerated in the classroom.

Extremely flimsy condoms serve no purpose.


Extremely thin condoms are ineffective because they don’t prevent the same levels of irritation and discomfort felt by both sexes during sex.

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