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The magic you can do with GH¢100 in just 3 days

A GH¢100 note

In the next 72 hours, the year 2022 would officially be over and the dawn of 2023 will be heralded in but that has not completely ruled out everything that can be done in this year.

Having been a generally difficult year for many people, many may wonder what they can do with very little money, especially too as the year grinds to an end soon.

And besides, let us not forget that the first month of every new year comes with its own mysteries – one that many believe is the longest month of the year due to several superstitious reasons.

The fact that in January, most people would have lavished all their monies on the Christmas holidays and only come to the realisation that there is a whole month ahead of them where they might have to live on almost nothing, makes the matter an even more difficult one.

If proper financial planning is not put in place, it compounds the situation even more for people.

GhanaWeb has however devised a strategy around how you can have little and still be able to manage it within a very short period.

So, have you wondered what you can do adequately do with an amount of GH¢100 in 3 days? This question must be placed in perspective as the present is when standards of living are very high.

With GH¢100, instead of stepping out these holidays to eat, you can visit the market and consider a stay-at-home plan that will see you making your own food to eat.

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate meal, much as the temptations of the period could demand it. Sometimes, little is more and there would not be the need to prove any kind of point to anyone with a ‘show off.’

In more specific terms, you can, for instance, prepare stew (which should not exceed GH¢50, provided you have to buy oil).

But corn dough for GH¢10 that you can use to prepare banku. That leaves you with GH¢40, from which you can buy bread at GH¢15, leaving you with a balance of GH¢25.

For the next three days, if you prepare to have any beverage for breakfast, you can get some GH¢9 for either Hausa koko or any of tea replacement.

With GH¢16 left on you, you can now decide to commit it into purchasing mobile data on your phone just so you are in touch with the social world. It can also be a perfect backup for you in case you really, badly have to contact an emergency contact for some urgent financial support.

And just in case you are not a banku person, you can either cook a cup of plain rice, buy some kenkey, or get yourself some gari from the shop nearby and prepare your own eba at home.

At the end of it all, the aim is to stay alive and what you put into your stomach may not mean much to most people as long as you are satisfied so, live within your means.

Don’t forget that January comes and there can be no certain projection on how well or not it will get for anyone until the next salaries come through, but you can play smart and stay alive.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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