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The inhumane treatment of queer in Ghana is heartbreaking




A Ghanaian woman has described the treatment of queer people in Ghana as inhumane as people believed to be part of the GBTQ+ community are looked down upon and reportedly abused.

There have been several reports of the abuse of persons identified to be homosexual, etc on social media even as the government of Ghana moves to criminalize the act.

One of these instances of abuse has been reported by a social media user princessofaccra, who claims she was lured into a fake meeting, abused, and molested because of her sexuality.

In a series of thread posts chanced upon by this portal, the user identified as Princess Arthur described her ordeal as heartbreaking and has promised to reveal details soon. She also insisted that she did not feel safe in the country any longer,

One of the posts read “It is sad to see human beings like yourself treat you with such inhumanity only because you choose to live differently than they know of. It’s disappointing and heartbreaking at the same time. That’s the only thing I’m gonna say on the ordeal I went through. god is in control and I leave justice to him.”

Another post read “I do not understand why I can’t feel safe in a country I live in because of my sexuality. This is insane and I don’t wish for anyone to go through what I’ve been through.”

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