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The Hot Meal Is Marking Time; Kindly Give Your Wards Pocket Money. Parents Told – EAI Boss

“First things first” Stop depending on government’s promises, parents.As a citizen, one is always happy and proud if good social interventions are put in place for the betterment of the lives of individuals. However, in a democratically malfunctioning country as Ghana, one needs to always be a step ahead of policies born out of promises in other to survive.


On the account of the free hot meal initiative introduced by the President of the republic,  most schools in some  districts like Kwabre East Municipal Ashanti, Kwaibibirem, Asuogyaman, Birim South, Upper Manya Krobo, Ada West, Birim Noth etc are not serving the hot meal at the moment. And research tells that, authorities are waiting for their enrollment to enable them disburse funds. So, the students are starving and I would like to advise parents not to stop giving pocket monies to their wards. Good news, Ketu West is standing out for they are serving the hot meal.


Nevertheless, it is prudent to always have a “plan B” for the feeding of the children most especially, those with medical conditions such as stomach ulcer and others that may be triggered by prolonged starvation.


Key reasons why parents are strongly advised to make provision for pocket money for their wards when going to school as usual are;

  1. The unreliability of government interventions.
  2. The delay in the provision of the meals to the students.
  3. The scanty nature of the food which the children are being served with.
  4. Most caterers serve the scanty meal without water etc.


Honestly, government can’t and must not do it alone. We’re to get involve please.


No matter how generous the government might be, there are individuals who out of selfishness, would embezzle the funds at some districts and provide a quantum of meal that might not even suffice an ant for the children to eat with some not properly made making them unattractive to eat. We can desist from politicizing the hot meal. We are civilized.


It is therefore imperative and binding on all well meaning and loving parents not to totally rely on the governments hot meal but rather make enough provisions for pocket money for their wards to cater for their basic needs; food and water as they undertake the tedious but easy task of learning to take up the great responsibility that awaits them as future leaders of this country.


Let me use this paragraph to advise Ghanaians that, the upcoming election is a process of choosing a leader not war front. Let’s also consider policies but not those coming with propaganda. Ghana must win whatever be the case.


I am a concerned citizen of Ghana. Africa is born in me.



Boadi William.

President of Educate Africa Institute (EAI), Educationist and Motivational Speaker.




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