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The Ghanaian artist performing wonders with glass waste



Glassblowing has been a lost craft in Ghana and West Africa for ages, but when Michael Tetteh was awarded a scholarship abroad, he chose to major in the art.

His training trip to the Netherlands and France changed young Michael’s life, and now, a few years later, he is a master glassblower.

Upon returning to Ghana, he faced discouragement from pursuing his craft due to limited opportunities, but he never gave up.

Michael is now a pioneer in the glassblowing business and serves as the head glassblower at one of Ghana’s most famous glass-blowing firms, Tetteh Hot Glassblowing Company in Krobo Odumasi, located in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

“I started blowing glass six years ago after transitioning from bead making. I began bead making immediately after Junior High School, but eventually felt the need to challenge myself further,” Tetteh shared with GhanaWeb Business.

With his skillful hands, he has created some exceptionally lavish flower vases and other products.

The art of glassblowing demands discipline, skill, and the ability to work in extremely hot conditions.

At Tetteh’s Hot Glassblowing Company, the team not only endures the heat of the workshop furnace but also pioneers a sustainable approach to design creation.

“Our work is primarily focused on recycling. We have a group of women in Accra who collect glass waste, which we then transform into amazing products. This initiative provides employment for these women, who collect and clean the glass waste for us to use,” he explained to GhanaWeb Business.

The glasswork produced at his company is not only sold locally but also exported to appreciative customers across the world.

Artist Michael Tetteh is not solely focused on the profitability of his art; he is also dedicated to training the next generation of glassblowers in Ghana.



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