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The Art of Witchcraft is Good – Lucifer Claims



A popular spiritualist, Kwaku Peprah who is also known as Lucifer or Quotation Master has stated that witchcraft is a good thing and not always bad. He said “The art of witchcraft isn’t bad as we have been made to believe, that everything about witchcraft is bad”. “That is not it because in everything there is positive and negative”.

He further explained that witchcraft is categorised into three types: Black, Red and White. He explained that, white witchcraft don’t kill humans but the black type are only there for destruction. “They only do evil and cannot do any good but the red are also interested in blood”.

Quotation Master further added that, the white is akin to good while the black is akin evil. But, it is always good to be made of all the three, but according to him, “You must always allow your good to outweigh the evil”. He continued that, if someone introduces you into the art of witchcraft and that person does evil or good that is what you would also do because that is what you shall be taught by your master.

“All inventors have witchcraft because if you don’t have, you cannot be an inventor” he posited.

When asked whether those who have witchcraft can do good, he expounded that, most great people in our country have parents who have white witchcraft which they have used to support their children. But, was quick to add that, it is not advisable to mention names otherwise he can mention a lot of big people who have benefited from witchcraft.

Kwaku Peprah was speaking on Happy FM’s programme “Nsem Pii” monitored on YouTube.

According to him witches have the power to convert the people whom they want to kill into any animal of their choice before killing him or her. He added that, what the witches kill is the astral body of the individual. “Once the astral body has been killed, it has to manifest in the physical because the astral body is connected to the physical”.

He ended by advising all persons to be careful because sometimes, witches can plan things in the spiritual realm and one can be made to act in ways that helps it to manifest in the physical. “If you’re not spiritually alert or if you don’t have any spiritual backing, negative witchcraft can affect you and put you into trouble.

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