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Suspected thief electrocuted at Fiapre



The Ghana News Agency (GNA) gathered around the place of the incident that the thief went to the area in the night with three other colleagues to engage in the crime.

Madam Akua Asamoah, a resident of the area, told the GNA that the deceased, only known as Frimpong, alias ‘Akalin’ entered the shop through a small hole under it whilst the other accomplices were watching from afar.

She said Frimpong stole some electrical wires in the shop but in trying to exit by the same entry route, he stepped on a live wire and was instantly electrocuted.

His loud shout scared his colleague thieves to run away leaving him to his fate.

Mad. Asamoah said in the morning some neighbours who heard the shout went to the place and found only one hand of the deceased showing out of the shop and a quantity of wires held in the other hand.

She said they called the shop owner to inform him and when he came to open the shop, the thief was found dead on the floor surrounded by items.

Mad. Asamoah said the incident was reported to the Police who took the body to the morgue after taking some photographs at the scene for investigations.


Source: GNA


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