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Suspected robbers shoot motor rider in the chest

The victim, an Okada rider is said to have survived the gunshot [File photo]

An okada rider has survived gunshots following an attempted robbery attack on his life at Adansi Brekete in the Adansi South District of the Ashanti Region.

Details of the story indicate that one of the suspected robbers engaged the service of the rider whose name has been given as Jacob to take him to Akim Ekyereso in the Eastern region.

On their way going, the guy directed the okada man to take a certain way because he had some plantain on that road.

Unknown to the rider, he had his accomplice waiting for him along the way.

Upon reaching the said location, the other accomplice pulled a gun on the rider and asked to stop.

He was asked to raise his hands but refused and was asked to choose between his life and death.

For fear of his life, the rider reportedly obliged and managed to run into the bush leaving the motorbike but took along the remote to the okada with him.

The rider is said to have pressed the remote whenever the suspected robbers attempted moving it away.

The robbers realised the rider was operating the remote on the bike. They then realised a farmer was in the bush and mistook him for the rider.

They asked the farmer to hand over the remote to them or risk being killed.

He [farmer] told them he had no remote on him.

The rider, sensing danger came out of the bush, confronted the suspected robbers, and in the process of the struggle, removed the mask of one of the robbers, who has been identified as a resident in the area.

This infuriated the suspect who allegedly fired shots at him, but the rider who is said to have been possessing black magic did not suffer any severe wounds but just a minor one.

He [rider] was rushed to the hospital for medical care, but his father, a herbalist, has brought him home and treating with herbs.

Meanwhile, the father of the suspect who had his mask removed has been arrested by the police assisting with investigations.


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