Scores of students have been left injured following a clash during an inter-school gala competition at Sehwi Kwasikrom.

This year’scompetition in the Amoaya circuit in the Bodi District of the Western North region did not end peacefully as some youth from the host community, Sehwi Kwasikrom, engaged in a fight with some spectators also from Sehwi Amoaya.

This is not the first time the rivals have engaged in a brutal clash over misunderstandings during games.

The spectators from Amoaya, who were allegedly attacked by the youth at Kwasikrom, have vowed to take revenge on any person who comes to their area.

It is reported that many residents from Kwasikrom have been wounded, brutalized and their seized items by their rivals.

In retaliation, the Amoaya youth also attacked strangers indiscriminately.

The youth at Amoaya attacked any person from Kwasikrom indiscriminately.

To end the brewing tension, the Education Directorate ordered the officials to bring an abrupt end to the competition.

Many of the students sustained various injuries.