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Stranded underage Nigerian girls in Ghana – How to avoid to be victim of human trafficking



Nigeria goment don rescue some underage Nigerian girls wey some criminals lure into prostitution for Ghana.

Di Chairman of Nigerians in di Diaspora Commission (NiDCom), Abike Dabiri-Arewa tok say dem don rescue di victims between age 15 and 22 and arrest di criminals wey lure dem into prostitution.

Inside one viral video, di victims between di age of 15 and 22 tok say dem don dey Ghana for di past two months and dem being victims of sex trafficking.

One of di victim tok say, “dem no dey pay us, dem dey carry us give men come collect all our money.”

Abike Dabiri confam say dem go charge di culprits to court for Ghana next week and arrangements dey on ground to bring di girls back to Nigeria.

Sex and human trafficking na still big crime wey dey happun among Nigerians wey dem lure into prostitution for diaspora.

Criminals dey force many young pipo especially females into brothel, wia dem dey trade sex for money against dia will.

Based on di Nigeria constitution, section 34 of di Nigeria Constitution guarantees di right to di dignity of di human person and dey prohibit torture and inhuman or degrading.

As high number of vulnerable Nigeria underage dey become victims of human trafficking for diaspora and dem dey fall for di trap.

E go beta make you equip your self wit tips from law enforcement agency on how you fit prevent am.

Tips to prevent underage girls make dem no be sex trafficking victims in diaspora

Social media: Na one of di biggest recruitment tool and criminals dey access information easily, input parental guidance to monitor pipo wey be dia friends for dia social media accounts. You fit consider setting up dia accounts to “private” on Instagram and oda social media wey allow dis. Also, turn off dia location.

Dey careful of strange friends and gifts: Only accept gift from friends and family members wey you trust, even wen you trust dem inform your guardian or parents. Traffickers dey reach out to strangers to become friends so dem go fit build trust and slowly lure potential victims.

Dey care of ‘japa’ promises and jobs: Sex and human traffickers dey offer dia victims high paying jobs for abroad, becos poverty dey pipo dey fall victims. If di offer too sweet and you no dey comfortable, reject am.

No dey share your information on social media: Remember say na wetin you tell pipo dem go know. You dey safe if you dey keep your personal information away from social media. Traffickers dey lure young girls into fotos and personal details to blackmail dem. No dey share your personal information wit pipo on social media

Get help from NAPTIP or raise alarm: Many kontri get law enforcement agencies check online for dia helplines or call to inform National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).


Source: BBC

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