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Stop keeping aimless people in your circle – Criss Waddle urges youth



Ghanaian rapper, Criss Waddle, has urged the Ghanaian youth to be discerning in choosing their associates.

He emphasised the importance of avoiding individuals who lack ambition or clear goals, cautioning that such associations can lead to a personal detriment.

In a social media post, Criss Waddle stated, “You can mess your whole life up just by hanging with people who have no Goals or Ambitions.”

While it wasn’t explicitly clear whom he was addressing, his message sparked agreement and debate among netizens.

Some speculated that his remarks might have been aimed at certain acquaintances within the entertainment industry, possibly referring to his ‘frenemies’.

Criss Waddle has recently maintained a low profile online, following the departure of one of his AMG gang members, Medikal, who established his own group, ‘Beyond Control’.



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