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Stonebwoy defends Mohammed Kudus after clash with social media users



Celebrated dancehall artist Stonebwoy has offered public support and defense of Black Stars midfielder Mohammed Kudus, who came under heavy criticism following Ghana’s 4-3 defeat to the Central African Republic.

Mohammed Kudus clashed with some social media users who were unhappy with his performance and took to various platforms to vent their frustrations.

In an interview with Okay FM, Stonebwoy supported Kudus, stating that the footballer might have been overwhelmed by the criticism.

Stonebwoy stated that due to some deliberate attempts by social media users to tarnish the image of celebrities, it is difficult to decipher honest criticism from what he terms an agenda.

“I felt sad with what happened on Twitter because Kudus is a footballer, not like us musicians who are used to these controversies. Kudus does his job on the pitch, so he is new to these things.

“The problem is there is too much agenda on social media. People can just fabricate things that will hurt you, and sometimes you are forced to react in a certain way. I’ll urge all of us to construct our criticism in a respectful and decorous manner,” he said.

Meanwhile, ace sports journalist Jeffrey Asare did not mince words in his condemnation of Mohammed Kudus’ social media activities following Ghana’s victory over the Central African Republic on Monday, June 10, 2024.

In Jeffrey Asare’s view, Kudus risks not fulfilling his potential if he does not remain humble and show respect to Ghanaians.

Jeffrey Asare reminded Kudus that the Black Stars have seen far more superior talents than him and that the likes of Stephen Appiah, who, in his view, achieved more in football than Kudus, never disrespected Ghanaians.

“Kudus is average with the potential to be a top player in the future. He can only become a top player if he has a good attitude. The national team belongs to Ghanaians, and none of the national team players can match Abedi Pele’s talent.

“You have the audacity to insult fans who criticize and appeal to you to release the ball early. The Black Stars have seen far better players than Kudus who never insulted fans who criticized them. If people are criticizing you and you are a professional player worth your salt, you keep quiet.

“Stephen Appiah has never spoken back at Ghanaians because he is a mature player. Those who are advising him should counsel him well; otherwise, he won’t reach his full potential,” he said.

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