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St. Paul’s Anglican Basic School pupils allegedly forced to swear oath to deity over teacher’s phone theft



The incident has raised concerns and sparked outrage among parents and the local community.

According to one parent who spoke to UTV, the teacher in question instructed the students to swear an oath using an egg, invoking the water deity to inflict punishment upon whoever was responsible for the phone’s disappearance.

The incident came to light when parents were informed about the incident.

The parent expressed her shock, stating, “On Monday, the children started school, so I got home at 10 pm and I was informed they couldn’t sleep because one of their male teachers had asked them to place a curse on themselves in school. They detailed that the male teacher said he had lost his phone on Friday, so the pupils should use an egg to curse based on the deity they believed. I was confused because the school is a mission school and they believe in the Bible.”

Upon learning about the situation, the parent visited the school to seek clarification.

The head of the school claimed to have no knowledge of the incident, while the teacher involved admitted to instructing the pupils to take such action.

He explained that he had done so merely to frighten the students after losing his phone.

As parents await further action from the school, they have indicated their intention to meet with the chief of the community to inform him of the incident and discuss possible steps for resolution.




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