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Some four exciting African cities that never sleep

Some cities in Africa are noted for their exciting and thrilling fun activities all day and night

As a continent with diverse cultures and landscapes, Africa is blessed with many cities that prospective tourists should definitely keep on their ‘bucket list’.

There’s no better experience in life than traveling and exploring several unique and exciting destinations.

But if you have your mind set on heading to a location that is always buzzing, then you might want to pick from one of these cities that never sleeps.

From the flashing lights to blazing hangouts, there are so many options worth checking out and definitely a lot of packed activities that come with it.

Let’s take a look at some exciting African cities that tourists should consider


Located in the heart of Uganda, East Africa, Kampala is packed with fun activities all day and all night.

Ever heard of the “famous Kampala nightlife”?

Well, asides from the city’s incredible safari parks and lake tours, there are tons of Casinos and nightclubs that keep buzzing from dusk till dawn.

Interestingly they are noted for their insatiable cravings for “flavored beers” and you might find these at almost every pub.


Situated in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi has also been touted as a hub for real entertainment.

Nairobi gathers Kenya’s diverse cultures, cuisines, and people into one city.

There is always so much to see and do, such that it’s hard to know where to start.

One gets to experience more adventure that includes Safari parks, free cultural dances, crafts, music, and so on.

Also, Nairobi has carved a great niche for itself on the nightlife front.

Locals, expats, and visitors mingle at various venues that range from exclusive champagne bars to nightclubs that are flooded with the sounds of electrifying African beats.


While many plan to do little in Egypt like just visiting the pyramids, those with more time will find this city possibly even more enchanting.

There are around-the-clock activities including romantic dinners and belly dancing shows on the legendary river Nile.

Also, there are tons of mind-blowing rooftop bars and night tours at some of its wonderful places.

Cairo asides from being noted for sightseeing also offers good fun.

Marakesh (Morroco)

Being the fourth largest city in Morrocco, Marrakech promises all sorts of wild sensations.

Horse-drawn carriage rides, Architectural tours, sunny terraces, desert rides, and other activities give a taste of a wishful comeback.

When the sun sets, Marrakech offers a “stress-free” experience.

The city overwhelmingly offers a good taste of food, dance, and music every day after sunset.


Disclaimer: This is subject to the writer’s discretion, research, and views from travelers. Readers might have their own favorites outside the list


Source: Elsie Bubuama

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