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Some Christians still visit witch doctors for solutions – Catholic Bishops’ Conference

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The Catholic Bishops’ Conference says political, social, and economic situations in the country is fueling serious challenge to Christianity.

Addressing the annual plenary session of the Conference at Donkorkrom in Afram plains North District in the Eastern Region, the President of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference Most Rev. Phillip Naameh said despite the advancement of the gospel through various mediums, some Christians still visit witch doctors for a solution to their problems.

“We also observed that some of our members still patronize the services of witch doctors for solutions to their problems” Bishop Naamey revealed.

He added, “We are confronted in the news with an uncontrollable appetite for wealth by Christians particularly the youth who will go any length to ensure that they make money.”

Bishop Naameh explained that “Our country is experiencing a growing shift away from the gospel values in the lives of the people despite the increasing number in the religious population of the country.The changes being experienced in the cultural, political, social, and economic situations in Ghana, present a serious challenge to Christians.”

The Catholic Bishops Conference pointed out that Poverty and hardship are on the rise albeit interventions by the church to augment the state’s efforts in improving the living standards of the people.

“There is also a widening gap between the rich and the poor. We find children on our streets begging for alms”

The Catholic Bishops Conference also raised concern over diminishing honesty in the country, rising cases of corruption, and worsening economic hardship.

On the economy, the Conference counselled the government to engage civil society organisations in the negotiation with IMF, and other economic decisions of the country.

“I call on the government as a matter of necessity to engage the Civil Society Organisations to improve the economic and social situations of the country. The CSOs because of the nature of their work have the knowledge and competent people on every sector of the Economy who will be more than willing to offer their expertise in the service of the nation. Some of these CSOs can be part of negotiations or the signing of economic agreements between the government and other agencies. For instance, the government could involve some of them in the IMF negotiations or programmes”.

The Catholic Bishop Conference warned also against the “family and friends” governance system stating that it is recipe for disaster.


The conference charged the government to show unrelenting commitment to the fight against illegal Mining due to its negative impact on the environment and human health.



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