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Slaughtered lamb and libation: The significance of the ritual performed by Manhyia against Odike

The Kumasi Traditional Council last week conducted rituals to banish Odike from Manhyia

On Thursday, August 11, 2022, Chiefs of the Kumasi Traditional Council led by Bantamahene, Baffour Owusu Amankwatia VI, performed rituals to banish ounder and leader of the United Progressive Party, Akwasi Addai alias Odike.

The ritual was performed on the back of comments he made accusing Ashanti chiefs of condoning illegal mining (galamsey).

The ritual performed included the slaughtering of a live ram and the pouring of libation.

The senior linguist for Asantehene, Nana Kwaku Owusu in an interview with Opemsuo Radio explained what accounted for the ritual and its significance.

According to Nana Owusu, Odike’s accusation of Asante Chiefs meddling in illegal mining activities was a direct attack on the occupant of the Golden Stool, His Royal Majesty Nana Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

“We worship the Golden Stool just as the Israelites worship the Ark of Covenant and if it goes anywhere, we will fight and return it even though it has not been taken before. The white man tried and failed. Asanteman lives because the Golden Stool lives,” he stated.

The Okyeame added that Odike’s accusation merited the performance of the ritual which signified a call on the gods to deal with him for disrespecting the Ashanti Kingdom.

“Whoever dares to rise against the Golden Stool will leave for the Stool to remain. So what we have done today signifies that whoever wages war against Asenteman and makes statements that denigrate Asante, rituals have to be performed with a ram slaughtered for your head. That is to tell that we will not watch for such to happen. For what our ancestors protected to today, we will also protect with all our might.

“So when we slaughter the ram for your head, the place we do it is called Bojawe and everybody that knows Asante culture knows what it is. When we slaughter the ram, the blood drains and there is a place it goes to. After that we pour libation and speak to the gods that an incident has occurred,” he added.

Odike in an interview on Oyerepa FM stated that he was going to mobilise the youth of Asante to demonstrate against the chiefs for allowing illegal mining to fester.

According to Odike, galamsey activities in the Ashanti Region has led to the destruction of several water bodies in the area.

But Nana Kwaku Owusu indicated that Odike’s quest to mobilise the youth of Asante was a direct attack on the Kingdom and that they are prepared to meet him in equal measure.


“If you wage against Asante we will also wage against you. Kwasi Adai Odike claims he will rise against Asanteman. He claims he is the son of Nana Adumakaase and he is willing to pay with his head but we will also not sit down for Odike to destroy what our forefathers have built,” Nana Owusu said.



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