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SHS prefect dies after falling off mango tree

A high school prefect dies in school after falling from a mango tree (4 death incident from the same mango)

After falling out of a mango tree at school, a senior prefect died. This was the fourth death from the same tree.

There are rumors going around that Temitayo Oluwole, a senior student and head prefect at Ijo Mimo High School in Akure, Ondo State, died after tripping and falling off a mango tree on the school grounds.

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Nigerian Tribune said that the young man had gone to a class for older students that was set up as a tutorial.

At the end of the day, one of the teachers asked Oluwole to pick some mangoes from the tree, but he fell off while he was doing it.

The report also said that Oluwole was the fourth student who mysteriously died after climbing the tree. This information came from a source that was not named.

“On Saturday, we all came to a tutorial. After the tutorial, one of our teachers asked him to pick mango. While he was up in the tree picking mango, he fell and died right away.

“This is the fourth time a student from this school has died after falling from this tree. Our teachers still send us to pick mango for them, even though the tree is dangerous, because the tree is evil.

But we can’t disobey them when they tell us to climb the tree to pick mango,” the source said.

Senior prefect died in school when he fell from a mango tree.

Senior prefect died in school when he fell from a mango tree.

Even though he only passed out after he hit the ground, he was already dead by the time school officials rushed him to the hospital.

A member of the student’s family confirmed that the student had died and said that school officials had run away because no one could be reached by phone or in person.

It was also reported that the dead man’s father, Pastor Bode Adegoke, confirmed that his son had died.

The people who lost their loved one said that when the accident happened, the boy was taken to a private hospital, then to State General Hospital, and finally to the Trauma Center in Ondo, where he died.

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