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Showboy released from prison; Deported to Ghana



Despite being behind bars, Showboy managed to communicate through social media during his time in prison. Approximately a year ago, he accused Criss Waddle of orchestrating the incident that led to his incarceration.

In a recent social media post, Showboy expressed his desire to return home soon. He detailed the events of five years ago, claiming that Criss Waddle sent Junior US to his apartment to set him up. Showboy also shared court documents to support his allegations, stating that he was unfairly profiled and accused by the prosecutor.

After his release, Showboy faced deportation to Ghana due to his aggravated felony and involvement in a crime with moral turpitude. However, he has yet to make a public appearance or address his release and deportation on his social media platforms.

In conclusion, Showboy has been released from prison and deported to Ghana. Despite the controversial circumstances surrounding his conviction, he has not made any public statements regarding his freedom on social media.


Source: iNews

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