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Shoemaker ‘jilted’ by wife hangs himself with a sponge in his room at Ahafo Mim



The incident is said to have occurred on Wednesday, May 23, 2023, at about 9 am.

The deceased identified as Kwame Peter is said to have left his shop and failed to return to close the shop when night started to draw.

Residents who felt concerned about the situation followed up to his house where it was discovered that he had hanged himself in his room.

“Yesterday in the morning, my son went to the shop, at about 4pm he informed some boys who were with him that he was coming home to pick up something. They waited for him till it started to get dark but he was not returning to close the shop. They kept calling his phone but he was not picking up. They followed up to his house and heard the phone ringing in his room.

“So they called a carpenter to break into the room and when they entered, he had placed a chair on the bed and hanged himself from the ceiling fan,” a sister of the deceased’s mother told ‘Welcome to Ahafo’ in an interview.

Relatives of the deceased who is a professional shoemaker said they are yet to identify the motive behind his death but suspect he committed suicide out of being jilted by his wife.

The police have since commenced investigation into the case after retrieving the body.


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