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Shatta Wale’s tweet that got Atta Mills trending on Twitter



Shatta Wale, known for his bold and sometimes provocative statements, requested his followers to answer sincerely: “Who do you think has been your best president so far in your generation? Be sincere.”

The question invited social media users to reflect on Ghana’s past leaders and share their opinions on who they believed had made the most significant impact during their generation.

To Shatta Wale‘s surprise, the responses flooded in, with an overwhelming number of participants choosing the late former president, John Atta Mills, as the best-performing president in their generational history. Users took the opportunity to express their admiration for Mills’ leadership and accomplishments during his time in office.

One user, “man got vision,” enthusiastically stated, “The late Prof Atta Mills. Man with vision. Man, who had both the country and God at heart.”

Another user, Vybrant Gh, added, “The late John Evans Atta Mills…a true leader.” His response underscored the belief that Mills possessed the qualities of a genuine and effective leader.

Echoing similar sentiments, a user by the name of Deuces also expressed, “Prof. Atta Mills, his short stay at the Flagstaff House, and the efforts he put into his #betherGhana agenda are unmatched.”

The overwhelming support for John Atta Mills as the best president among respondents in their generational history led to his name trending number one on Twitter.

This unexpected trend served as a poignant reminder of Mills’ enduring legacy and the deep respect and appreciation many Ghanaians continue to hold for his leadership.

John Fiifi Evans Atta Mills served as Ghana’s president from 2009 until his untimely passing in 2012.

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