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Shatta Wale strips to his underwear on stage to end his show



Shatta Wale on the bare floor

Ghanaian dancehall artiste and performer, Shatta Wale, has given netizens and fans something to look at during his Freedom Concert that went down on December 25, 2022.

During one of his performances, the contentious performer displayed his entire body to the audience by donning only his boxers.

The artiste’s manhood, which was visible in his boxer shorts, drew the attention of many fans and has sparked discussion online.

With his hand held high over his head, Shatta lay on the stage’s naked floor after stripping off.

At the second Freedom Wave concert, Shatta Wale and his showbiz brother Medikal witnessed incredible attendance.

Loyal followers of the two artists spent hours in line to see their performances at the combined event, which took place at the Accra Sports Stadium.

Whether Shatta Wale and Medikal were able to fulfil their biggest desire of filling the Accra Sports Stadium is a huge topic on everyone’s mind, especially social media users.

The Freedom Concert had tickets that could be purchased for as low as GHC 20.00 and GHC 50.00. Tickets for VVIP events cost GHC 100.

Many have argued that this ‘free-to-all’ move allowed fans to buy and attend the show, resulting in an impressive turnout.




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