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Shatta Wale, Kelvyn Boy to be sued over song theft issues



According to him, his efforts to resolve the matter have proven futile after meeting with the former manager of Shatta Wale, Bullgod when he reported the case to Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) for redress.

The executive producer at Agya Paye Music warned Shatta Wale to heed his call and settle the case amicably otherwise he will take legal action against him.

Speaking in an interview with Hammer TV, Kwaku Mari Agya Paye retreated that he is serious about the issue hence Shatta Wale should do the needful as soon as possible.

“This song [titled Ye Koom], I complained about it to GHAMRO and they called the then Shatta Wale’s manager, Bullgod. When he came, we told him that the ‘Ye Koom’ song, his artiste took some parts of my chorus from mine so he should compensate me. As we speak the issue is still with GHAMRO and they think I am joking.

“I have not sued him yet. I have not met with Shatta Wale though but when I encountered Bullgod he said ‘The matter will not go anywhere.’ I have not had time to deal with them,” he said.

He went ahead to threaten that he would sue Shatta Wale if the case was not resolved anytime soon.

“I want him to give me my portion of the revenue he generated from streams of the song. He [Shatta Wale] has infringed the copyright laws so I will sue him if he does not attend to me. I sue people all the time so it is not something new.”

Shatta Wale’s management has not responded to his claims as we await how they would react to the concerns over song theft.

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