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Shatta Wale is not above the law, so stop the free him campaign – Police




Alexander Obeng, Director of Public Affairs at the Ghana Police Service

Director of Public Affairs at the Ghana Police Service Superintendent Alexander Obeng has sent a strong signal to persons leading the #free Shatta Wale campaign to stop their irresponsible actions.

He said it would not be fair for any reasonable person to lead such a campaign when the musician has violated the laws of Ghana.

He wondered why those leading the campaign did not advise the musician when he plotted to fake shooting incident but are now launching a campaign demanding for him to be freed.

He was speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

The senior police officer wondered why those appealing are not doing the same for armed robbers, fraudsters, thieves, murderers, who have been arrested.

According to him, there is nothing in the Criminal Code which talks about free suspected criminals, or people who break the law.

“Yesterday, the Police arrested a notorious armed robber at Adeiso in the Eastern Region, people should hashtag and demand him to be freed. The one who stole cocoyam from a farm and was arrested, why are people not asking for him to be freed? Why are people not asking for fraudsters to be freed? We must allow the Criminal Code to dictate the pace and stop this unnecessary campaign”.

The Director insisted that no one is above the law and whoever breaks the law would be prosecuted in a competent court of jurisdiction.

He said all suspects who are arraigned in court would have an opportunity to defend themselves and when found guilty, would have the consequences or when found not guilty, so be it.


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