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Saucepan-shaped coffin generates heat on social media



Accompanying the video was a caption that read, “Ghana, land of possibilities… I’m sure this woman sells Gob3,” referring to a local Ghanaian dish (beans and gari). The tweet sparked conversations in the comments section, with users expressing their thoughts on the unique funeral arrangement.

One user, Jesus Banana, commented, “Oh, black man has suffered.”

Another user chimed in, stating, “Then she deserves it because she has saved a lot of lives on the street with the agob3.”

Among the reactions was one expressing surprise at how the saucepan-shaped coffin would fit inside the grave, exclaiming, “How could they place this pot inside the grave pit… eeeii.”

However, a user who claimed to be familiar with the funeral in question offered a different perspective. According to this individual, the woman being laid to rest was not a food vendor but actually worked in the aluminum industry in Tema.

The user clarified, “The person who took this video should be ashamed of him or herself because this funeral was held in Adjen Kotoku Amoahman, and I was there to witness it. It’s not because the person is a Gob3 seller, but they worked at an aluminum company in Tema.”

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