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Sarkodie praises wife Tracy



In a recent interview with YFM, Sarkodie described his wife as his biggest supporter while recounting how Tracy set up and managed his first social media accounts on MySpace and Facebook to promote his young career.

“One thing that stands out if I have to talk about my wife, it’s how she supported my career. I think she’s probably one of my biggest fans.

“The biggest sark-native rep at the beginning before the whole sark-nation… That’s something that stands out and makes me feel like that’s a life partner,” he said.

According to the rapper, it’s easy to spot it when someone really cares for their partner, and in his case with Tracy, it’s been real love from day one.

“I think, genuinely if you know somebody cares for you, you will feel it. And that has been the vibe until now,” he disclosed.





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