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Rich culture and dance take over the Akwasidae festival



Adowa dancers displaying the culture at Akwasidae

The Akwasidae festival is dominated by dance and rich culture.

The Akwasidae Festival, which honours the deceased, was observed by Ashantis from the Ashanti Region on December 25, 2022.

Culture and tradition were expertly depicted in a video that Opemsuo Radio posted on Facebook, with music and dance dominating the celebration.

Women from the Ashanti Kingdom were seen dancing the Adowa most stylishly while Kings and guests sat back to watch the performance.

Many onlookers were focused on the dancers’ coordinated body movements, leg movements, and clothing.

Anyone who heard the drums were either captured smiling or shaking their heads as the event unfolded.

Wearing beautiful kente textiles and matching gold jewellery, attendees at the event made sure to look the part.

In the meantime, food is always offered to the gods and ancestors during the Akwasidae celebration, and the black stool is always cleaned or purified.

In Kumasi, at Manhyia Palace, the Ashanti people celebrate one of their most revered holidays.



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