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Rejected lover kills girlfriend



The gruesome incident occurred Saturday, June 17, 2023, at Junction 5 in Trom. community.

It is alleged that the victim was breaking-up with the suspect and hence relocated to the current location.

According to some co-tenants in the house when the incident occurred, the suspect visited the girlfriend at a time when a naming ceremony was ongoing.

The deceased girlfriend believed to be 23 years, went out to meet the suspect outside and brought him to her room.

It appears the suspect killed the victim amid the noise of the naming ceremony therefore nobody heard the victim’s distress scream for help.

He allegedly struggled with her, pushed a piece of cloth into her mouth before slitting her throat.

He threw away the knife used to commit the gruesome act into a bush at the back of the house before sneaking out.

The suspect who is in his 30s reported himself to the police later in the evening while wearing a red shirt with the inscription “Rest In Peace ” at the back.

The body was retrieved from the cold blood by police after taking inventories of the crime scene and deposited the body at the morgue.

Police brought the suspect to the crime scene Sunday afternoon around 12:noon to search for the knife used to commit the act but were unsuccessful.

Some angry youth in the community thronged the scene and threatened to attack the suspect.

As tension rose, police whisked the suspect into a taxi and left the scene.




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