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Reactions as Fella Makafui flaunts details of her first-class trip to Dubai



Ghanaian actress cum entrepreneur, Fella Makafui, has set social media ablaze with a glance at her luxurious first-class trip to Dubai.

The actress took to Instagram to show her followers on a virtual journey of luxury, showcasing every extravagant detail of her getaway.

What caught everyone’s attention was not just her lavish trip but also her impeccable style – clad in a chic two-piece white attire that accentuated her curves, she complemented the look with a pair of Nike boots.

Fella’s Instagram story painted a picture of sheer indulgence from the moment she stepped into the first-class cabin.

As she settled into her plush seat, she was met with impeccable service from the flight crew.

A display of fine china and gourmet dishes fit for royalty adorned her tray table, as Fella savoured an array of delectable meals served with elegance.

Also, the golden interior of the first-class cabin, perfectly complemented Fella’s chic white attire.

The lavish surroundings screamed wealth and sophistication, providing the ideal backdrop for Fella’s radiant smile and confident demeanour.

However, netizens have shared wild and interesting comments beneath the post which has since gone viral on social media.

Check out the video below:

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