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Rare image of Jerry Rawlings posing by a vintage car pops up




Jerry John Rawlings poses beside the car

Jerry Rawlings loved animals

JJ’s animals announced his death

Late Jerry John Rawlings loved people

The late former president, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings was known to have loved many things including people, which was universally obvious through his charisma.

At his death, it was also found out that the late statesman loved animals, as was revealed in a tribute read by one of his daughters, Amina Agyeman Rawlings, in her father’s memory.

“From Jack Parlance your rooster to the wild geese who still think they own your home, to your doves, hawks and your many dogs to name but a few.

“It is no wonder, that at the moment of your departure, your dogs gathered around your usual sitting spot, howling till they eventually slept from exhaustion,” she further noted in her farewell tribute.

Now, new photos have emerged of the up-close looks of a vintage, pitch-black and one-door sports car of the late Jerry John Rawlings.

In a post shared by @autochecker on Instagram, it shows the former president in the company of workers at AutoChecker, handing over the vintage ride to him.

“We are still in the business of making people fall in love ???? with their old cars. @autojewelling, Ghana’s #1 vehicle restoration solutions,” the caption read.

The 2017 post shows even better close-up shots of the car, with its big red ribbon attached to it.

See it here:




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