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Rapper gets lesbian couple pregnant, welcomes babies



After a threesome session, US rapper Fredo Bang got a lesbian couple with a lot of Instagram followers, Sevyn Buffins and Princess Annie, pregnant.

In the end, the Louisiana rapper got both of them pregnant, and he now has two kids with the couple.

This week, the rapper from Baton Rouge posted beautiful pictures of his two kids on Instagram. In addition to congratulating him on becoming a parent, many of his fans wanted to know who the child’s mother was.

Internet detectives found out right away that a lesbian couple with a big online following had posted the same picture of their kids on Instagram.

Annie and Sevyn Buffins are said to have said that they used IVF to have their children.

But some people were not sure if Fredo was the father of both the baby and the older child. Later, Annie said in a comment that she and Sevyn had their son, Parker, with the help of IUI.

“So let me explain… You think Fredo and Sevyn made Parker, right? We had IUI done. She made music. We didn’t ever lie. We just never said how Payton got to be there.

I kept that to myself until I was ready. In response to a homophobic comment, she said, “Now I’m wrong for doing what was best for me lol gah damn.

Fredo Bang hasn’t said anything yet about the criticisms of his child.


Source: Managing GH


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