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VIDEO: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri commands Holy Spirit to appear in a form of whirlwind



Prophet Shepherd Bushiri the founder and leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering has once again performed a shocking miracle at his church which has become the talk of the town in Pretoria, South Africa where his church’ headquarters is located.

During church service, the Malawian preacher and motivational speaker commanded the Holy Spirit of God to appear in physical form and it did.

Major One as Prophet Shepherd Bushiri during worship service called on the Holy Spirit to manifest for everyone to see.

He demanded that the Holy Spirit should appear in wind of fire at the church that moment for everyone to see the Glory of God.

To the shock of everyone gathered, a might whirlwind formed outside his church right in the middle of the congregation gathered outside the church worshiping with him.

Considering the kind of strange and miraculous things Prophet Shepherd Bushiri had done in his church, it is safe to say this is the smallest of it all. In all, he claims, it was God’s doing not his.

But many times he has been tagged as a fake man of God who preys on week minds to achieve his riches. He is one of the richest pastors in the world.




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