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Popular social media influencer flies farmer-father for the first time to mark Father’s Day



The video, produced and shared by Nana Tea, one of the most popular Ghanaian influencers on Facebook, showed how he, together with his siblings, surprised their father with a first-in-a-lifetime flight experience.

In the video, Nana Tea and his siblings drove to their village in the Eastern Region, where they pull their first surprise on their father, who was busily uprooting some cassava on his farm.

Delightedly surprised to see his children, they then wished him a Happy Father’s Day, immediately following it with sheets that have the next, big surprise inscribed on it:

“Happy Father’s Day to you daddy.

“A trip to Kumasi by air,” the sheets read.

Like clockwork, their father instantly throws out his hands in excitement at the news.

With help from the children, he quickly wraps up from the farm, gets back home to get refreshed and together, they drive back to Accra, from where he gets treated to a flight to Kumasi.

The 2023 Father’s Day celebrations was marked on Sunday, June 18, 2023.

Watch the full video below:


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