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Poor turnout at dumsor vigil highlights the hypocricy of Ghanaians – Nana Romeo



Radio show host, Nana Romeo, has expressed frustration regarding the lack of support for the #dumsormuststop vigil organized by Yvonne Nelson and her team.

He criticised Ghanaians for their silence on the ongoing power outages, suggesting that their allegiance to their ‘favoured’ political party has stifled their willingness to voice discontent.

According to Nana Romeo, Ghanaians must confront issues affecting the country’s progress without hypocrisy.

“We lack honesty in this country. It’s undeniable that power outages affect us all. Nine years ago, people protested against the government, and now, similar challenges have resurfaced. Yet, there’s a reluctance to support the vigil, and it’s disheartening. The poor attendance at Yvonne Nelson’s vigil reflects this hypocrisy.”

He continued, “This should have been a united effort to draw the government’s attention to the suffering of the people. However the lack of turnout indicates a broader issue in our society. If we don’t hold our leaders accountable, we’ll continue to suffer.”

Yvonne Nelson led Ghanaians in a vigil on June 8, 2024, to highlight the country’s power crisis.

However, unlike previous events she led, this vigil saw low attendance, reflecting a concerning apathy among the populace.

Watch Nana Romeo’s submission on United Showbiz hosted by MzGee below.



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