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Poop emoji reply: Twitter ghosting Africa staff after abrupt office closure, layoffs



All 11 employees of Twitter’s Africa office which was situated in Accra were dismissed in December 2022 following a $44 billion takeover by Elon Musk, one of the richest men in the world.

According to CNN’s International Correspondent and host of the African Voices Changemakers and Playmakers series, Larry Madowo, the company after negotiating a three-month severance package for the former employees through their lawyers have in the past weeks gone silent on the agreement.

“Unfortunately, it appears that after having unethically implemented their terminations in violation of their own promises and Ghana’s laws, dragging the negotiation process out for over half a year, now that we have come to the point of almost settlement, there has been complete silence from them for several weeks,” he quoted a statement from the lawyer of the former employees, Carla Olympio during a news bulletin.

Larry further revealed that attempts by CNN to seek answers from Twitter via email yielded a terse response, a poop emoji.

“CNN has reached out to Twitter for comments and got what is now a set of response, a poop emoji,” he told his colleague Rahel Solomon.

When the anchor sought to clarify the claim the correspondent affirmed saying “Yes, that’s the email to [email protected], gives back a poop emoji.”



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