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Police shoot mentally-deranged man after killing his 94-year-old grandmother



A machete-wielding man was shot and killed by police after he allegedly lunged at police officers on Sunday, August 20, 2023.

The incident happened at Adeiso in the Eastern Region.

Eyewitnesses said that the incident happened when the police attempted to disarm Paa Kwasi, a 35-year-old mentally-challenged man from causing further harm to innocent persons after butchering his grandmother to death with a machete.

Sources said the suspect was initially chained at a prayer camp in Adeiso to keep him following his aggressive behavior.

On Sunday however, he managed to take off the chain after which he headed straight to the house.

Paa Kwasi then grabbed a machete and butchered the hapless grandmother to death.

During the course of the attack, a cousin of Paa Kwasi by the name Agbesi, who attempted to save the deceased was also butchered in the process. He, however, survived.

It’s unclear what triggered the attacks.

Police were subsequently called to the scene to intervene but after failing to get the assassin to drop the weapon, discharged their guns, killing him on the spot.

Yaa Ameyawo’s body and that of Paa Kwasi have been deposited at the mortuary of the Nsawam Government Hospital where Agbesi is also receiving treatment.

Police have launched investigations into the incident.

In a similar incident, a mentally unstable man, Eric Narh, aged 28, brutally murdered his 78-year-old blind uncle using a machete.

The incident occurred on Sunday, August 13, 2023.

The assailant, unemployed and seemingly mentally disturbed, attacked his elderly uncle with a machete, inflicting fatal wounds to the victim’s neck and arm, resulting in his immediate death.

GhanaWeb in an 18th July, 2023 article titled, public express concern over increasing number of mentally deranged persons on the streets, expressed concern over the increasing number of mentally deranged persons on the streets.

According to them, such persons ought to be taken off the streets and communities and housed in psychiatric hospitals to prevent any harm they might pose to society.




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